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Vonny Broadbent

Project Manager

Vonny has worked at Independent Training Services since 2008. She has adapted and developed her skills to meet the demands and continuous changes to government training and learning programmes.

Vonny values her experience of working with young people and adults and firmly believes in the lifelong learning ethos. She has managed several government funded programmes for young people and adults during her seventeen years at BMBC Training and Employment Services, and subsequently managed the E2E programme at Barnsley College. She has established a wide network of stakeholders from the business and education sectors and the wider community.

A keen champion for ITS, Vonny is passionate about working with the rest of the team to realise ITS’s vision “To be the partner of choice, leading the way through innovation and excellence”.

The success of our learners and clients is what inspires me to to work with ITS Group

it's the little things we do that make the biggest changes to peoples lives